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NT-Internet offers both managed and unmanaged Virtuozzo VE solutions on Windows and Linux.

For users who are looking for continued priority SLA based support of their server  environment in addition to additional enterprise level services such as uptime monitoring, regular backups, firewall security auditing and best-effort third party software support, NT-Internet offers MANAGED Virtuozzo VE servers.

If you are an experienced system engineering or system administrator who wishes to manage and control the server environment then our low-cost line of  UNMANAGED Virtuozzo VE servers is the good choice.

Managed Virtuozzo VE  (MVE) 

24*365 network monitoring and support 
Automated Virtuozzo backups
 VPS monitoring (icmp) 
Services monitoring (http, ftp, smtp)
Priority ServiceDesk support
Per month over usage traffic billing
FREE 1GB off-server FTP backup
FREE Firewall management
FREE Supplied Control Panel Installation
FREE Supplied Control Panel Upgrades
FREE Component Configuration
 Best-effort 3rd party software support


Unmanaged Virtuozzo VE  (UVE) 

24*365 Virtuozzo/network support 
Per ticket charge non-Virtuozzo/network issues
Per ticket charge software update
ce Virtuozzo backups


Newsflash messaging and collaboration solution webclient 

esupport plateform full automated and integrated.
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